Package design Wine "Liquid Wood Chess"

                                     Packaging Wine Liquid Wood Chess 

Package design "Wine Liquid Wood Chess" won the Platinum of the international Muse Design Award at the Packaging Category, USA 2021.


Description of the product

The main inspiration for this project were the classical chess. Design created from idea doing something fresh based on old and classic forms. Something that could have not standart design for well know but good recognisable shapes. Also inspired connection of natural materials as wood with glass that gives together wonderful combination warm and cold shine effect of surface.The collection of wine has five bottles with packagings. The shapes of bottles imitate classical chess. Five names of chess were used for bottles design: king, queen, knight, rook, pawn. The name of limited edition "Liquid Chess" was done because each lid of bottle has shape as splash of water and gives imagination that it is liquid forms but made from wood,thus it is already looks like oxymoron at their background idea. The packagings have five colors of chess board is two white and three black.Five bottles were created from mat glass with wood lid and top wood covering part. Each lid of bottles has own shape and size. The bottles dimensions also different from each over. Packaging has mat and ecology friendly cardboard of middle thickness. Each bottle has own wood stand at the bottom of the packaging.This packaging has five colours of package that equally of chess board. The bottle design was not create for repeat the classical shape of chess and was made more for to show something new with idea of old. Also main idea was create unusual forms of lids which remind the water splashes. Each splash imitated the top part of figure. For to create this type of splatters were taken the different subjects that fell to water and therefore each splash has only own form not similar to other.